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Emmalea Deal

Photo Credit : Daniel Shippey Photography

I remember back a number of years ago watching Emmalea singing the National Anthem, and even back then I knew instinctively she was going to become a true performing Artist.

She has clearly proven me right about her music and her willingness to just be herself.

It can take many artists years to get to where she is at in her career and her life and I have followed up with her on several other occasions and was excited to see her performing well beyond her years with her own distinct style.

It wasn’t until most recently I seen she had connected with my good friend Bernard Porter from (PCG Universal) and I felt this chill come over me knowing that she was in a good place now in her life.

I am truly honored to be able to once again connect with Emmalea and that I was given this opportunity to feature her in my magazine. Randy Lockhart






Photo Credit : Daniel Shippey Photography

A little bit more about Emmalea Deal

.Nashville, PCG Universal Recording Artist Emmalea Deal.

Singer/Songwriter, Female Rocker who plays Alt Rock/Pop music.

She sings and plays guitar. Most recently she have been picked up as a Killer B Guitars Endorsed Artist.

A solo artist with a full band (she does Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, and has a Lead Guitarist, Bassist, and Drummer.). Emmalea is from Summersville West Virginia.





Photo Credit : Daniel Shippey Photography

“I travel to Nashville quite a bit to not only work on my original music, but to also work on my career as a songwriter. My Newest singles “Sacred” and “The Light” are out right now!” says Emmalea

Emmalea has worked with award winning writers and producers and is currently a PCG Nashville recording artist.

Emmalea plays all over WV, TN, KY, VA, and surrounding states.

Lover of all genres of music. While she covers all types of tunes in her own style, her original style draws inspiration from Alternative Pop/Rock.


In her new single, “Sacred,” singer-songwriter Emmalea Deal paints an entirely different portrait on love, evoking strong religious imagery as she sings about a love so strong that it’s “sacred”: “Hallelujah / You’re my heaven / You’re my angel and my sacred place.”

Emmalea, who is currently in a relationship, notes that her inspiration for the song was a desire to describe a love that felt ethereal and heavenly and that, yes, has strong religious connotations. In describing love and romance in this spiritual way, “Sacred” is perhaps a common bridge between those who adhere to seemingly disparate beliefs. “There are a lot of different takes on religion and spirituality, and lot of people believe and think different things,” Emmalea says. “I think that’s pretty cool.”

Above all, “Sacred” is also Emmalea’s latest expression of the mature and seasoned artist she’s become—and all at the relatively young age of 17. Her voice is powerful yet tender, with pitch-perfect delivery and genuine sentiment. Her deep-blue hair and edgy vibe speak to the alternative/pop/rock blend of her music. And to match her well developed image, Emmalea also has an incredible work ethic that far belies her youth.

“In this day and time as an artist, you really have to have the gift of talent, but also a strong work ethic,” says Bernard Porter, President of Nashville-based artist development company PCG universal. “It’s very evident to me that Emmalea is the full package.”

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