Hearts Ablaze Cloggers

Hearts Ablaze Cloggers are a competitive and recreational clogging studio.
They offer 5 very different levels of clogging.

Recreational classes for beginners and non competitive dancers
Ignite: competitive kids team ages 6-10
Fully Involved: competitive team for ages 11-16
Inferno: our highly competitive team for teenagers and young adults
Backdraft: our competitive adult team ages 21 and over

Cristy Corwin-Howard says ‘I found clogging when I was 12. I knew right then that it would forever be a part of my life. This is currently my 21 year of clogging. Growing up, I have been the dancer on a competitive team and now I am directing my own competition team and studio, Hearts Ablaze. I opened Hearts Ablaze in Greenfield 10 years ago in January of 2008. We started with 12 dancers and have now grown to over 100 cloggers.The studio itself means so much to me. The dancers and parents are truly family to my husband and myself. Hearts Ablaze is in our own home, and we love inviting people into our home and lives like family. My husband and I do not have kids of our own so the dancers are that much more special to us. We are a tight knit group that truly care for one another.We travel around the country performing and competing both traditional and contemporary routines. We teach as many people as possible about what clogging is at local shows. I want to see clogging forever be a staple in our community with future generations learning this unique art form. I have seen several students of mine grow into fine teachers that will be able to continue this legacy. ~Cristy Corwin-Howard

Danielle says “Clogging is like my own Cinderella story. I had no clue that 8 years ago, a pair of shoes would change my life forever. I went to my first clogging class because my best friend didn’t want to go alone. When I put on my first pair of clogging shoes, I knew it was the right fit for me. I love clogging because you can make music with just your feet. The arrhythmic sounds you can make are so detailed and different. Not only do I love clogging for the actual style of dance, I love it because of the people. My team has a very special place in my heart. They are more than team mates. They are my family. The clogging studio is a place I can go and forget about the troubles of the world. I can have a terrible day, but in just 5 minutes of clogging, all my frustration will be washed away.” – Danielle Romoser, 17

Leah says “When I first started clogging, I was five years old. I had no idea what clogging was, but my mother signed me up anyway. Good thing, too! Clogging is always fun and there’s never a dull moment. All your teammates become family. All your competitors become friendly faces. The parents become second families. Hearts Ablaze for me is where I can go to feel better about everything. A real escape from the real world. Nine years and counting!” – Leah Olin, 13

Ellie says “I had never seen clogging until I was 8 years old. In fact, I had never even heard of it. But there’s a home video of me at the age of 5 performing in a “talent show” my cousins and I put on for my grandma’s birthday. There was no music and no choreography; I was just moving my feet crazy fast in all different directions. I’m 17 now, and when I saw this video for the first time a few weeks ago, I was amazed at how much my movements looked like an attempt at clogging when I had never even been exposed to it. It just comes to show how innate clogging is for me. My love for clogging has been there from the start – before I even knew what it was. It’s built in. It’s natural. I was made to clog. If I could, I would spend every second, every minute, every hour, every day clogging. I never get tired of it. I’ve only grown to love it more and more as I’ve spent more time at practices, workshops, choreography camps, and competitions. I can’t picture my future without clogging, and I can’t wait to see where this amazing sport takes me.” –Ellie Roudebush, 17

Calie says “Ever since I was little, I have loved trying new things. When I was around 5 years old, a friend suggested that I try clogging, and I was enthusiastic to jump at the opportunity. What I didn’t know prior to joining the team was the incredible sisterhood I was gaining. My teammates and instructor are truly the most encouraging, loving people I know, and there are no words to express how grateful I am for their presence in my life. I would be completely lost without clogging and the opportunities Cristy has given us. Cristy has pushed us to be our very best, showered us with love and confidence, and made an immense impact on all of our lives. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without clogging.” –Carlie Dahlquist, 18

Website heartsablazeclogging.com
Facebook at Hearts Ablaze Studio https://www.facebook.com/heartsablazeclogging

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  1. I am completely enthralled at the way these young Cloggers perform on stage. My hat is off to you wonderful young people and hopefully other people seeing you perform will decide to get into Clogging as well.


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