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Juwan Givens

His name is Juwan Givens and he is 18 years old living in Hartford Connecticut. Something special about him is that he expresses individuality and kindness and is an inspiration to all young Indie Artists and young and older people in general.

Those are his main points in his music and himself. His goal has always been to inspire people and for people to stand up to people who pick on them or who always have something negative to say.

Take the time to listen to his stories on what he has been through by watching his music videos he made with friends for his songs.

I know you’re going to love them all! Also if you have time to get to know him a little more watch his interview, it explains why he loves making music.

Look at him as an example of how it took him 6 years to finally see the person he loves as an artist which is Taylor Swift.

“It took me 18 years to finally be on TV, but one thing I knew it would happen and it did. Now I have one more dream which is me being a pop star and I know 2018 will be a game changer for me.” says Juwan

Follow Juwan and get to love him for who he is becoming.
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