Kia Spurle

Singer/Theatre Actress.
She loves to share her voice and make people smile.

Kiah Spurle has been singing since she can remember.Her Mom and Dad first noticed that she could sing when she started to sing along to Andrea Boccelli on the TV.

She was three years old. Her parents didn’t know how she could develop her voice at such a young age!

They waited until she was six to send her to a local theatre school on Saturday mornings.

The following year she entered a competition to win a years free scholarship to the theatre school.

It was for children aged between six and eighteen. They were so happy when she won the scholarship funded by “Stage Magazine”.

This therefore gave her parents a bit of spare money to be able to pay for her to have a singing lesson once a week so that she can keep her voice healthy and work towards her singing exams.

Kiah decided that she would like to start a YouTube channel and with the help of her parents they made a couple of videos in a studio.

Studio time is expensive and also very restricting on the time you can spend on a video.

So Christmas (2014) Kiah saved all of her own Christmas money and bought herself a Rode Microphone and audio interface to start recording her own music at home.

Since being on YouTube she has been asked to perform at lots of different live events.

Kiah also auditioned for a theatre show called “The Dreamers”  and she got the part! It was one of the best times of her life!

She says she loved being part of a cast, and she got to perform on stage every night and it was just so amazing. She also got to perform at West End Live! In Trafalgar Square in front of thousands of people.

Please go and take a look at her YouTube and subscribe to her channel if you like what you see. You can follow Kiah below with her social links

Kia on the front cover of Webhost Magazine

All content including text and photos are used with expressed permission from Kiah’s parents so please respect that and do not copy any material from this site without their permission. ~ Editor In Chief – Randy Lockhart


I met Kia in Jan 2016 online when I asked to get permission to do an article for her in my I was totally amazed at well this young lady could sing and now 2 years later she has not faltered at all, but instead has matured vocally and her new videos are a true testament of that.   Kiah, you sing like a real professional. Love your voice and smile. All the best to you in the coming years ~ Randy Lockhart

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