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Kiersi Joli

Kiersi Joli is only 10 years old but plays Harmonica well beyond her years!

Kiersi started playing Harmonica at age 6 after getting a cheap one from Santa.

She had no idea what it was as she had never seen or heard one before having lived in a small country town north of St. Louis.

Kiersi’s mom explained to her it was a musical instrument that makes music by blowing or breathing in air, so she tried it and her face lit up and was hooked!

She tried to play on her own but begged her mom for lessons as her parents were not very musically inclined!



After months of searching she found someone an hour away who taught her some basics on playing single notes in her first 30 minute lesson.

Two short weeks later Kiersi played all single notes up and down the Harmonica and the first several songs in her book.

By that summer she had won 1st place in every talent contest she entered, using her winning monies on better quality harmonicas.

By October that year she started lessons with the professional musician & Harmonica player, Sandy Weltman who has helped Kiersi blossom into advanced Harmonica skills and playing the blues.

From there, she added Todd Parrott into her learning circle with his unique sound in Gospel and country songs.

Her passion in music is evident. She also plays piano and learning the ukulele.

Keeping in tune with normal kid activities, she plays softball, soccer and lives swimming. However, the most fun is, according to Kiersi, playing on stage with a full band!

Kiersi has been a concert opener for her county fair, played the National Anthem on Harmonica for many Mizzou athletic events, as well as numerous performances (solo & accompanied).

She was even invited on stage to jam with the “Loving Mary Band” who performs with the legendary Steven Tyler!

Not knowing where the good Lord is going to lead her next, with a supportive family, there is no doubt she will be a fun and exciting one to keep an eye on.

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